13 Reasons Why Season 1 Online Review

13 Reasons Why is once more proving to be another Netflix feeling that’s leaving audiences on the edge of their chairs after every episode. After just the first two weeks, there’s a foreshadowing feeling that there’s simply nothing the receiver of the potentially explosive box of tapes (or the viewer) can do but sit back, listen, and wait for a fact that all are dreading.

13 Reasons Why relies on the lesser-known novel of the same title by Jay Asher. The show narrates the tale of a young woman who has removed herself from the lives of companions and her classmates, and by means, we are to discover. He’s only one of the people leaving him, and trying to find out a vibrant woman would take her own life, managing the consequences of the death of Hannah along with her friends.

The show explains that something is wrong in the life of Clay, and is missing. Early on, the storyline delves deep into the story of why there’s darkness, and what’s happened to Hannah. This unexpected and sudden sense of loss is portrayed in imagery and powerful sequences. Flashbacks feature her standing with a vibrant and bright lens positioned over the scene, before we return to the environment in the cold and more gloomy light of the day, in the middle of life. This is a frequent theme during the two episodes, as we’re taken through his cassette, which tells of events between a school friend and Hannah. We start to see a number of the problems a person may face when coping with despair, and it will be intriguing to find these whole issues brought to light in a format.

Telling the tale of all the 13 tapes one episode will draw on an enormous degree of suspense with a door, within the series. However, the query over this manner of information feeding is that it may get a little tiring come 11 or incident 10 when the viewer has sat with little to show for it.

There is a whole lot to break down, so we will talk about pros depression, and then disadvantages, then Clay. This series is a concept since it’s one of the instances TV media has put depression and bullying under a microscope, that is a step in the right direction. I understand what the founders were trying to do with this series, attempting to start and to bring awareness.

13 reasons why


All in all the actors did an excellent job Kate Walsh who plays with the mom of Hannah Baker. It may seem odd since she surrendered herself into the use of the mother, but the reason was; for me, her performance stood out among the celebrities. This series had flaws do not get me wrong, but among the things they got right was that the depiction of the school program, parents, and administrators. Schools are obsessed with their reputation and the way they are viewed by the public. What lots of others nowadays, and destroys the College of Hannah Baker, is how they don’t appear to care about students’ wellbeing. What would save the reputation of schools such as the one is to have a no tolerance policy that applied to everybody, not only the silence that is unpopular kids? Rather than paying attention to the kids who have praise and all of the chance, they need focus. As a result of this, I think that the founders were put on with the way they depicted administrators and the teachers. I felt some degree of justice when the person received the tapes.

It seems as though they wanted to put a microscope to the issue plaguing college systems to show people that this happens. The unwillingness to subject students or stand up for what’s right, to look a child in the face and say, “you’re wrong” is the issue. They’d do more than raising awareness if anyone wanted to help. It seems harsh, but it looks like we’ve been aware of the problem. This is exactly what anyone dealing with bullying or depression may have gotten from this. Everyone. Plus it won’t get much better. Are just waiting to screw over you, so they’re bad. They could not care less.In this series they made no effort, they left suicide to seem like the solution. They left an amount of injury to happen to Hannah; it was sensationalized and ultra-dramatized. Me almost annoyed.



Because I liked his presence he does the proper thing by keeping the secrets of Hannah, and he was fine, and that was commendable. I can not fathom why he would watch the parents of Hannah suffer all the while knowing what it would mean to have those tapes. I told myself at the start of the series, “There’d better be a good reason why he could not only give the tapes to the parents also.” Did you feel you do the proper thing by keeping the tapes? After the people were died by Hannah on these tapes if the parents had gotten the tapes could have gotten justice. Tony appeared interested in the ritual of the tapes and having everyone play together like it was some game rather than getting the tapes to somebody who may get her family the closure and Hannah they needed. This was the issue with the series: It made the wake of the suicide a game of Hannah.

Let me make something clear. Hannah was wrong to set her death’s burden. Clay was an average boy in every sense, and he had natural imperfections. Clay was kept to himself and shy; he only said the rest of the time, and one thing to her, he was the one who showed her any kindness and sympathy. By blaming him she repaid him, and in turn he blamed himself, he did not deserve. I saw a bit of me, and I want to think others did. Because everybody is different, depression is the card of health. Marissa Reiner and I talked in Hope House to find out about depression. Throughout our interview, I asked her when she changes her strategy when dealing with patients and, and she gave me a response I did not expect. She went on to tell me depression manifests itself in boys and teachers and parents think it’s an issue because of that. She also said, “I believe that is the interesting part of melancholy, it may manifest itself differently in people, and it may just appear to be a behavioral issue instead of a real mental health issue.”I asked her what she thought would help those and she informed me talking about it openly would help because people do not talk about it. Nobody wants to discuss it a reason, for some reason I don’t understand. Yes, I might be ill, but what is wrong with that? What I heard from Marissa is when we start speaking about health and acting like adults, we’ll have the ability to take a step forward.

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